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Backpacking around the world!

Best documentaries that will inspire you to travel


Hong Kong to New York – HK2NY (2014)

If you still have doubts about that backpacking trip in Asia, then HK2NY is a must watch. It is an 11 episodes series about two guys from London, quitting their jobs and backpacking around the world for 9 months. It gives you a good idea about the backpacking life, costs, destinations, drinking games and other crazy activities you can do. Available on YouTube.


Departures (2008-2010)

Two guys, one cameraman. Sounds nasty, but this is the best series to watch that can cure your post or pre travelling depression. It’s funny, inspiring and very well filmed. It even won some awards. Highly recommended. Available on Netflix.


An idiot abroad (2010-2012)

Popular TV show about an idiot from Manchester being send to different countries around the world to explore the local culture. It presents the idiot’s honest opinions about various local traditions, dishes, habits and so on. It will make you laugh for sure. Available on Amazon Video.


Samsara (2011)

This is a more serious documentary than the previous ones. It presents the story of the world using beautiful images and music. It has no dialog, but it’s so captivating that you won’t fall asleep. It was filmed over five years in 25 countries around the world and recorded on 70mm film. If you don’t know what that means, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter much. Highly recommended on a chill out evening.


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