Pack to Backpack

Backpacking around the world!

The trip of a lifetime

Many people asked me in the last few days how do I feel about this trip and why am I doing this. To be honest, I have a lot mixed feelings. I am happy and sad at the same time. Compared to my last trip that only lasted 4 months and I had to go back to London to the same job, this trip is very different. I am leaving everything behind and I am starting a new journey.

I will be backpacking around the world for almost one year. I will start in Asia and visit the countries I missed last time, go to some parts of Australia, explore New Zealand and travel from South America to Central America. That is four continents and more than 15 countries. I will take with me the same 40 liters backpack which weights less than 10 kg. I will stay in hostels, travel by “chicken” buses and eat in local places. This is the only way to afford a trip like this. I will take a lot of pictures and write about my experiences

A few months ago I decided that now is the right time to do this trip. Things at work changed a lot and I wanted to quit, Brexit made me think about living in London in the future and I am getting to an age that will make this kind of trip more difficult. I also have no responsibilities at the moment. I have no mortgage, no girlfriend and I am happy with my career level.

The moment I booked my flights I was super excited. It was not a dream anymore, but a commitment. It was one of my life goals to do a round the world trip before I turn 30 years old. Shortly after I made this blog, a new instagram account and started thinking more and more about the trip. It was nothing to plan, but just a lot of thoughts that goes through your mind. I love travelling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. I like to get out of my comfort zone. When you travel for a long time you have no worries, no schedule, no wake up alarm. Sundays and Mondays are no different. You wake up, you do whatever you want, you are whoever you want. If you like a place, you can stay a few more days, otherwise you can move on to the next destination. You have no worries, other than your passport maybe. Travelling alone is amazing and I encourage everyone to try it at least once.

The most difficult part was to move out of London. I really love this city and in last five years I met a lot of great people and made a lot of friends. Many friends told me that they hope to see me again. I am not that pessimistic and I will definitely meet them in the future. But it will be different. Many things will change and I won’t know about them. It is hard to keep in touch with everyone like when you are at home. I will miss BBQ parties, birthdays, weddings or the casual Friday drinks. But this is life and you have to do things when you have the chance. Of course, not seeing my family for this long will also be difficult. It will be my first Christmas not spent with my family.

Some people asked me what will I do if I get tired at some point. Well, travelling for a long time is not ideal, but a compromise. Other people who did something similar told me there is a critical point after 4-5 months when you get tired and you want to go home. Once you pass that moment, you can travel forever. I think the fact that you will visit new places and explore new cultures keeps you going.

Where I will be in one year? I don’t know and I am not really stressed about it. It will probably take me some time to adjust to normal life and get over the post travelling depression. I will have to decide where I want to live next and probably get a job. 

One year is a lot, but it will go fast. If at the end of the trip I will say “I’m glad I did it!” then it means it was worth it. Many things can go wrong, but I’m positive. I will probably fall in love with many places, with people and I will have a lot of stories that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Safe travels!


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